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Advantage/Disadvantage Paragraph and Essay Topics

  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of:
    Using mobile phones
    Attending a private university
    Attending a public university
    Studying abroad Learning a foreign language
    Wearing school uniforms Being a student
    Being a teacher Being an engineer (or any other profession)
    Cosmetic surgery Eating healthy
    Drinking coffee Taking medicine
    Having a part time job while in school
    Taking out student loans Using credit cards
    Buying a house Driving a car in Istanbul Living in the city
    Living on a farm Owning a pet
    Having an indoor pet (like a cat or dog)
    Growing old Getting married
    Living with parents Living alone
    Living with your best friend as your flat mate
    Using make up Playing video games
    Riding a motorcycle Children in sports
    Being famous Being rich Being poor
    Living in Turkey (or other specific country)
    Living and working in a foreign country
    Public transportation
  • Advantage/Disadvantage of
    Advanced technology
    Organized religion
    Being single
    Being an adult
    Having children
    Being an only child
    Being an entrepreneur
    Working for a company
    Being a female
    Being a male
    Being a foreigner
    Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter
    Online dating
    Arranged marriages
    Large families who live close together
    Being a child
    Space exploration
    Doing volunteer work
    Owning a gun
    Working outside
    Being retired
    Joining the military


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Advantage/Disadvantage essay konuları

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