Advantage and Disadvantage



Computers are a major technological breakthrough* of the twentieth century. Virginia Evans, an American writer, once said “It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.”  Although many things can be said against computers, the benefits of using them are numerous.

The main disadvantages of computers are that staring at a screen for long periods of time can be damaging to the eyes, and sitting on a chair for hours at a time is certainly not healthy. Secondly, computers distract* from social interactions*, such as conversation. People might be inclined* to become anti-social and stay at home to use their computers. Finally, the most persuasive argument against the use of computers is that the more jobs that are done by computers, the fewer that are done by people.

However, the advantages of computers are numerous, such as the undeniable educational benefits, especially to children. School subjects become more interesting when presented* on a computer screen. Moreover, computers can be fun with seemingly endless variety of games which can be played on them. In addition, computers are valuable to any business, making life easier and saving time by being capable of storing and retrieving* vast amounts of information at the touch of a button. Furthermore, personal gains can be seen as the use of computers increases powers of concentration.

To sum up, there are strong arguments both for and against the use of computers. Yet, despite the health problems, risk to jobs and lack of personal interaction, it seems that as long as the use of computers is regulated, the benefits computers provide to education and business are invaluable.

Distract: take one’s attention from                                                       Interaction: connection, conversation

Breakthrough: discovery, finding, invention                                         Benefit: help, assist, support

Incline: influence, lean towards                                                            Persuasive: effective, forceful, influential

undeniable: obvious, certain                                                                present: show, exhibit, display

Retrieving: regaining, finding                                                               Vast: limitless, endless

Concentration: close attention, focus

Regulate: control, manage

Invaluable: helpful, precious

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