Descriptive Essay Konuları, hangi konularda essay yazılabilir? Aşağıdaki listeden bakabilirsiniz.


Descriptive Essay Konuları

  • How to climb a mountain effectively
    Coral Reefs
    How to go scuba diving safely
    How the War of Independence was won (or any other war)
    The battle at Çanakkale
    How the Bermuda triangle operates
    The history of the Ottoman Empire (or other empire or dynasty)
    A biography of a famous person (e.g. Ataturk, Gandhi, Mozart, etc…)
    The history of Istanbul (or other city)
    The history of the Turks (or other people)
    How it feels to fall in love
    The importance of a specific holiday (e.g. Ramadan, Christmas, New Year’s, etc.)
    How birds look after their young ones
    How to reduce weight
    Good nutrition and a healthy diet
    How to revise for exams effectively
    How lions became king of the jungle
    How elephants sleep (or another animal)
    How to get rich without stealing from people
    How football was invented (or any other sport)
    How light manages to travel very fast
    How to make toothpicks (or anything else)
    How to get a peaceful night’s sleep
    How to properly care about your teeth and dental hygiene
    How to become a great thinker
    How fire was discovered
    The first uses of written language
    The way sound waves travel
    How the sea lions are adapted to their environment (or any other animal)
    The myths of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses
    How to be a successful student
    How to study for an exam
    How to keep warm in very cold places
    How to remain relevant in your work place
    How to hunt deer (or any other animal)
    How to become the first at all times
    How Eve was tricked by the serpent
    How to buy things online
    How to acquire a loan from a bank
    How to play baseball (or other sport)
    The rules of baseball (or any other sport)


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Descriptive Essay Konuları

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